Zarifa Fights COVID-19 by Sewing Masks

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Zarifa Fights COVID-19 by Sewing Masks

Just like many of our clients in Herat, 28 years old Zarifa’s economy was also hit by the coronavirus crisis and government quarantine order.

Zarifa together with her two brothers, who are mechanics by profession, was the only breadwinner of the family but as the markets were closed, their financial situation also disrupted.

Zarifa contacted Nisfe Jahan office to seek for any kind of help that could help alleviate the situation.

Zardozi’s Mazar-e-sharif vocational/business trainers advised and helped her with preparing a new design of mask as a sample.

Meanwhile, Kadar in the coordination with the marketing team did some market research, showed Zarifa’s masks’ samples to clinics and drugstores, and discussed business with them. Following a few days of marketing, Zardozi’s Mazar-e-sharif office introduced Zarifa to one of the drugstores who signed a big order with Zarifa.

Zarifa says, “Now I stitch 100 masks in a day and sell it for 10 AFS to the wholesaler. During this tough time, I get to support my family very well through this income. My whole family prays for Zardozi.”

Zardozi’s Mazar-e-sharif regional manager says that it’s a very difficult time for everyone but even harder for the poor people. Although, protecting her staff is the first important part of her job, but each office member is ready to sacrifice to reach out to those in pain. They work day and night to come up with income generating ideas for women while taking social distancing into mind.


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