Zardozi’s strategy workshop in November 2020

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Zardozi’s strategy workshop in November 2020

Zardozi has completed a successful strategy workshop in early November 2020 in which representative of Zardozi’s beneficiaries presented their issues and opinions regarding the strategic direction of Nisfe Jahan (a grassroots women’s support organization that partners with Zardozi).

The participants included Zardozi clients who manage community business centers and Zardozi activist women from all four regions, together with Zardozi regional and operational managers develop strategies and plans regarding the structure of Nisfe Jahan and its services for beneficiaries, financial planning, and organizational development. This was a productive strategy workshop helping Zardozi to gain an insight into the views of clients and to develop plans and strategies that are both inclusive and effective.

Zardozi owes much of its success to a policy of inclusive strategy development. These annual strategy workshops are a powerful tool in ensuring that crucial strategic plans are made in collaboration with those who will be affected by them.

To ensure that participants are well prepared and able to understand the issues under discussion, Zardozi provides support to a wide variety of materials in these workshops. Although the majority of participants do not have even primary education they are nevertheless skilled and intelligent women and Zardozi values their input. Additionally, Zardozi runs mini-workshops during the main workshop regarding updates in reporting systems or the provision of new services.

In this strategy workshop, Zardozi focused more on the future of Nisfe Jahan and strategies to strengthen institutional development and autonomy. Additionally, the workshop sought to find ways to make Nisfe Jahan more sustainable and less donor-dependent to protect its valuable impact on the empowerment of its beneficiaries.

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