Zardozi’s first female regional manager

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Zardozi’s first female regional manager

We are pleased to announce that Zardozi- Markets for Afghan Artisans welcomes its first female regional manager in Zardozi’s leadership. Ms. Aziza Karimi who has recently been hired as the regional manager in Herat province comes with great qualifications, experience and new ideas for the promotion and development of less privileged afghan women.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Zardozi’s Executive Director, Ms. Homa Usmany introduced Ms. Aziza Karimi to her new office in an event where Justice Chief, Ghulam Mahommad Rahmani; Deputy Head of Department of Economy, Mr. Hossieni; Head of the Craft and Trade Union, Mr. Abdul Wadood Faizzada; Chief of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Women, Maryam Jami; and Head of the Women’s Worker’s Union and representative of the Human Rights Commission, Ms. Malaka Resoly were also invited.

 At the beginning of the event, Ms. Usmany spoke about Zardozi’s activities and enlightened the guests about how the organization finds and expands markets for Afghan women where their businesses can grow and flourish while also providing them with business training. During the speeches, Mr. Ghulam Mahommad Rahmani also spoke on the significance and need of female managers and appreciated Ms. Karimi for her courage and commitment to women empowerment and their economic growth. He said that women are the pillars of the society; therefore they have to take vital positions in various sections.

Ms. Karimi thanked Zardozi and called on government to support the organization’s objective to save women from domestic violence and financial breakdown. Zardozi looks forward to working with Aziza Karimi and wishes her success in all of her endeavors.

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