Zardozi staff bringing home success

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Zardozi staff bringing home success

Our employees are the building blocks of our organization with the help of whom we are able to stand firm and committed to our goals and objectives to change and prosper the lives of poor Afghan women. Today, we are celebrating the achievement of another remarkable member of Zardozi family, 21 years old Balqis Ehsan.

On Monday, September 24, 2018, ACBAR celebrated its 30th anniversary followed by #StoryOfAfghanistan Photo Exhibition and Contest. The contest took place between different NGOs whose photos were put forth for juries to decide on best photo award of the year.

We are delighted to announce that a photo captured by Balqis Ehsan has secured the first prize award which portrayed the true services of Zardozi among other organizations. The selected photo too illustrates the hard work of a working mother at a tailoring workshop.

Balqis Ehsan joined Zardozi as Communications and Outreach Officer in 2017. Ever since, we have observed an enormous growth in her capabilities as a determined employee. We are continually impressed by her results at work and wish her best of luck.

Zardozi take as much pride in the achievements of its female staff as much as it does in its male staff members.

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