Zardozi participated in the Peace Loya Jirga

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Zardozi participated in the Peace Loya Jirga

Today more than ever, Afghan women’s role in society and peace has been essential and evident. With the initiation of the Consultative Peace Loya Jirga, almost 3,000 delegates from across the country, including women who made almost 30% of the Jirga, came together as one to freely express their opinions. Zardozi representatives: Hasina Aimaq, program director; Aziza Karimi, Herat regional manager; and a client also actively participated in the CPLG’s committees’ discussions. The platform facilitated an environment where they made their demands heard loud and clear.

For Hasina Aimaq, the importance of the Jirga was more than its essence. It was about her presence and fight finally getting recognized on a bigger and national level.

Ms. Aziza Karimi, the regional manager of Herat shares, “This Jirga was vital for us, because when women were initially forgotten in the peace process, today they had their rights preserved so that no deal is cut behind the curtains which could disregard women’s rights and accomplishments over the past several years.”

“We are the main victims of war and if we don’t have a chair on the table today, we don’t have anything in the future either,” added Masouma, Zardozi’s client from a small village of Kabul.

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