Zardozi donates clothing to patients in the Afghan Red Crescent Society

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Zardozi donates clothing to patients in the Afghan Red Crescent Society

October 10, 2020, was a special day for our organization since it was the day, we met representatives of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (IFRC) after several months of waiting for activities resume.

Our activist community leader MsKefayat along with our staff met Dr. Mirwais Akram the acting president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society in the IFRC office and discussed how Zardozi can support IFRC’s beneficiaries. “We appreciate your working with us and supports of our patients in any way possible,” said Dr. Akram

In the month of October, 160 pieces of female clothing were made by our clients as part of tailoring-training classes held in Kabul. Zardozi encourages the trainers and clients to not waste cloths during tailoring instead to make beautiful garments to be donated to those who are too poor to buy their own clothes. Our trainees are not only happy to avoid wasting cloths but also they are pleased as they could take part in a humanitarian activity. “I could hear comments from some of our clients who mostly have a poor economic background expressing how they are happy to donate clothing. They say that due to our financial difficulties we are not able to financially help others, but when we take part in sewing these clothes it gives us a pleasant feeling and our regrets turn to happiness” said Mrs. Karima the vocational trainer about some of her trainees.

140 pieces of clothing were donated to those patients who suffer from mental illness and live in the mental hospital of IFRC.  IFRC picks up these patients who are homeless and living on the streets and provides them with therapy and caring services until they can be either healed or at least kept in a proper place.

At the handover ceremony, IFRC rewarded their female cleaners working in the mental hospital by giving them new clothes as well. Dr. Akram appreciated their patience and hard work in the high- pressure situation in the mental hospital.

Most of the patients in the hospital have to begin a new life after being cured and of course, they need supports. In this case, IFRC conducts some sort of technical training classes for their outpatients to build their capacity to independently earn for a way to live when they leave the hospital. Female patients show more interest in tailoring and embroidery, Dr. Akram asked Zardozi for their cooperation in holding training classes for those patients.

Staff and activists were impressed and appreciated that IFRC can rescue and rehabilitate mental patients and to give them back their lives.

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