Zardozi celebrated its achievements with its friends

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Zardozi celebrated its achievements with its friends

Zardozi celebrated its achievements in an appreciation ceremony held on Thursday, November 5, 2020, in Cinema Zainab Hall located in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Zardozi took this opportunity to thank and appreciate its friends for their excellent cooperation and continual supports over the past years. In this ceremony, Zardozi had the honor to welcome valued guests from international organizations, parliament members, and ministries.

Mrs. Hasina Aimaq, Zardozi’s Program Director, has introduced the Kadars (Community Women Activists) to audiences and talked about their achievements and roles in solving urban and legal problems of their communities. “We have 22 Kadars in four regions whose impact is so great on the community they live with”. She mentioned that Zardozi is flexible in its programs because its objective is to reduce poverty and empower women economically, so Zardozi provides variable services according to the women’s capabilities and demands.

Mrs. Hasina Safi, Minister of Women’s Affairs said, “I would like to firstly congratulate Zardozi on its successful strategy workshop, and then, I would like to express my happiness of seeing Nisfe Jahan’s logo beside the Zardozi’s logo in this ceremony. She talked about the areas Zardozi and its Kadars can cooperate with MoWA in future projects. She also said that her goal is to serve Afghan women and she will do anything in her power for women.

Dr. Shinkai Karokhail, Parliament Member mentioned the Women Empowerment as a common goal for all-powerful women and appreciated Zardozi for its effective programs in the economic empowerment of Afghan women. She encouraged women to use all empowerment opportunities to become independent and gain authority in the decisions made in their families. She has also emphasized on political participation of women in political issues. “Women need to have a strong network, and I appreciate Zardozi for its outstanding service of creating social networks for women. I believe our network is our strength.” Her part of words. She spoke to the audience that Zardozi not only provides services but also keeps a beautiful part of our tradition alive. “Embroideries show our traditional culture in textiles, so I request Zardozi to double its efforts for the preservation of this treasure.”

Mr. Ahmad Riaz Sediqi, the Director of Non-Governmental Organizations at the Ministry of Economy, started his speech by appreciating the Minister of Women Affairs for her success in a very challenging task of adding the names of mothers to national identity cards. He mentioned Zardozi as one of the NGOs with excellent budget management. He added that Zardozi creates significant results against its given budget allocated for the economic empowerment of women.

Zardozi’s Program Director thanked the minister of women’s affairs for her supports by presenting her with a statue of appreciation.

She also thanked Zardozi’s donors for their precious supports that helped Zardozi to create such excellent results. “We convey our sincere thanks to our donors by presenting them with this statue. Your supports helped us to receive all these appreciations today from honored guests.” She said.

In this ceremony, Zardozi appreciated its staff for their high understanding of responsibilities and duties, especially during the recent pandemic. The program director mentioned Zardozi as a leading organization with a low employee turnover rate as Zardozi has committed employees for some of whom have been with Zardozi for more than eight years. Zardozi’s achievements are undoubtedly the result of the contribution of its dedicated employees who deserve every praise for their hard work and commitment.

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