With a little inspiration and training, Sidiqa turned her and family’s life around

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With a little inspiration and training, Sidiqa turned her and family’s life around

Sidiqa and her family live in the same house as her brother-in-law and his family. But that is all they shared in common; the rest is starkly different.

While the family of Sidiqa’s brother-in-law was well off, her own family could barely make ends meet. Her brother-in-law made a decent living weaving carpets and could afford to send his children to a good school, unlike Sidiqa and her husband.

Sidiqa was married at an early age. She and her husband have six children—two sons and four daughters. Her husband is often sick and unable to hold down a job. For a long time, Sadiqa had been struggling to provide for her family. Her oldest son, now 25 years, migrated to Iran. But because he was never educated, he works as a labourer and can’t send much money home. Although her younger children go to school, she struggles to provide their basic needs. She wanted to enrol them into English language courses as well, but couldn’t afford to. It saddened Sadiqa, that because her children also helped out with their carpet weaving business, they were unable to focus on their studies.

A relative introduced Sidiqa to Zardozi and she saw a hope for herself and her family. “At Zardozi, I met other women like myself; everyone had different struggles, but they’re all there to gain new skills and improve their lives,” Sadiqa narrated.

Encouraged by similar stories of struggle and success, Sadiqa started training at Zardozi. “It was like opening my eyes and my mind to new possibilities. I realised what I was missing from life,” she described.

The trainings did more than just equip her with new skills; it empowered her with a confidence she never knew she had. She worked harder and reaped more profits. “I feel stronger and independent. I am happy that I can earn enough to provide a good life for my family,” she shared with pride.

The state of her family dramatically improved. “I have registered my children for an English language course, and my daughter has started another course along with her cousin,” she added. Her husband, too, inspired by her success, is making efforts to find a more stable job. “I understand that it isn’t my husband’s fault and that every family has its problems; but we are working together to solve ours,” she added.

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