Behind every successful woman is herself

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Behind every successful woman is herself

The evolution of ‘celebrating successful women’ started in 2013 when Zardozi’s former director Kerry Jane Wilson realized the need to assess and appreciate the success which women have sought throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Successful women celebration is a way for Zardozi to boost confidence in women, create role models for others while also seek the attention and support of their fathers, husbands and brothers.

This month Zardozi recognized Ms. Suraya, Ms. Sabira and Ms. Zahra for their outstanding performance in maintaining a healthy business, despite facing all sort of problems. The brothers and fathers of the women who were also important part of the celebration ceremony were invited to the stage. Ms. Sabira’s father stood behind the podium with tears in his eyes and said, “My daughter has grown up into a very strong woman. She took care of her 6 months old baby on her own when her husband died in Iran two years ago. This is not an easy task for a single mother but she did it!”

We talked to the program director and staff of Zardozi who are committed to organizing more events. They told us about the problems they face each time they plan a program, because Zardozi aims to invite the male members who are most often a barrier to the success of their sisters and mothers to run a business. “Sometimes we are not able to convince most of the family members to attend these ceremonies which also discourages the woman who are getting recognized. It is difficult but we are also not stepping back,” said Nadia Tabish.

At the end of the event, Zahra whose husband have been in Iran for years says, “although your family is your biggest strength but the effort, courage and determination you put into yourself is all what sources from you and within you; that is when you should say that behind every successful woman is herself.”

We are informed that most of our celebrations result into good words being spread around the successful woman’s neighborhood. A competition begins among the women to nominate themselves for the next celebrations. Also, the men who hear and watch their women getting appreciated later encourages their male friends to allow their women to work. In an instance, Suraya’s father in-law told Zardozi, “I wish I knew about Zardozi earlier. I will advocate for women in my village and speak with the community leaders to not make troubles for your good efforts.”

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