Successful Businesswomen of the Year

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Successful Businesswomen of the Year

“I am very proud of my mother today. I want to thank her because she works very hard to feed me and my sisters,” said Nadira’s son when he saw his mother walk on the stage and receive applause and appreciation from the guests in the hall. (Nadira, 38, is a restaurant owner, successful businesswoman and the only breadwinner of her family in Shewaki village of Kabul)

On Thursday, 30th of January, Zardozi celebrated nine successful women from among hundreds of other clients in Kabul. These women were chosen from various districts on the outskirts of Kabul where men and women segregation is on a large scale. The successful women celebration is one of Zardozi’s significant tactics in bringing together both women and men in one room to acknowledge women’s accomplishments and raise support for the hard work they do outside and inside the house.

We believe that events like this positively change the mindset of men and family members. Family support is vital for the progress of women’s businesses since there is always a mother-in-law, a father, a husband and or a brother who will prevent their women from working, but there is no one to show them the bright side. That’s where Zardozi finds it necessary to attain that support for its clients by facilitating platforms such as the successful women celebration.

Among the celebrated women on this day was Fatima- a single mother who fulfills both a mother’s and a father’s role for her children. Fatima’s hard work had all of her kids enrolled in schools and universities. However, Fatima says that after the death of her husband, her mother-in-law was the only person that stood behind her and encouraged her to sustain herself. “I am grateful to my mother-in-law because without her I would have never been able to recover from the grief of losing my husband and taking care of my babies alone,” said Fatima.

The successful businesswomen celebrations have not only achieved men’s support but it has also altered women’s idea about pursuing their businesses. For the majority of the women, the establishment of successful businesses is not borne out of a dream, but it is based on a need.  However, today there are several examples of women who chase it as passion and life’s vision by looking up to the successful businesswomen receiving awards, appreciation, love, and respect from family members, friends, and other clients. To attain that position, they also now follow the same path – establishing mini businesses and asking Zardozi for support.

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