How Strategic Workshops are Helping Women to Move Forward

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How Strategic Workshops are Helping Women to Move Forward

On July 7 -11, 2019, Zardozi conducted a five day Strategic Workshop endeavored to take necessary actions for the effective implementation of Zardozi program. The Strategic Workshops are conducted every year where Zardozi’s Regional Managers, Kadars, Executive Committee Members and other representatives of women are invited from the regional offices and gathered on one table to develop strategies, make policies and draw road maps to build the Institutional capacity of Zardozi as well as its grass roots women organization- Nisfe Jahan. The participants go through the process of identifying the organization’s immediate needs and challenges in order to develop plans for it. This also includes a review of existing plans and strategies.

In the recent workshop Kadars (community volunteers) raised some major issues that they and the women in their communities have encountered.

Zardozi directors in consultation with the participants came up with solutions that could adequately address the needs of women they serve. The workshop was more productive when Mazar-e-Sharif regional manager, Nasreen Sahibzada provided various insights and opinions from her visit to PEKKA- a sister organization in Indonesia. Many of the initiatives implemented by PEKKA were found to be applicable for women in Afghanistan as well.

The workshop was an effective platform for women not only to plan better strategies for their businesses but also to build their management and leadership skills.

It was also a good opportunity for the participants to establish network among themselves to learn from one another experience in the communities, considering the fact that they are representing different regions with different culture and norms.

At the end of the Strategic Workshop, the participants, Zardozi staff and regional managers were awarded appreciation certificates in recognition of their hard work and commitment to serve the most disadvantaged women who do not have as much access to resources as women in cities do. Zardozi is proud of working with a group of most dedicated and inspiring women as well as men who steadfastly stand behind them.

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