Zardozi Kabul Main Office Strategic Workshop

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Zardozi Kabul Main Office Strategic Workshop

Every year Zardozi’s Kabul Main office holds Strategic Workshops at the beginning of the year in order to bring together overall Zardozi Executive Committee Members (ECMs), Kadars, and regional managers to work on new plans for the betterment and development of their programs for Afghan women. The participants go through the process of identifying the organization’s immediate objectives, and formulating and monitoring specific strategies to achieve them and support a larger number of women in the regions. In addition, a series of essential trainings such as human and women rights, leadership, civil society and management are conducted by the professional trainers of Zardozi Kabul Main Office as well. The Strategic workshop is held from 20th to 25th January during which the Kabul Main Office Program team together with Kadras, ECMs and regional managers discusses on important topics such as strengthening Community Business Centers (called Manbeh), managing Kadars contract with Zardozi, loan training, report writing, holding Central Committee Meetings and discussing the problems which Kadars encounter.

Nargis who is a Kadar from Jalalabad province is pleased with the instructions and guidance from Zardozi team. She says, “This workshop is a great opportunity for Kadars to share their plans. We learn from each other and can find solutions to the problems we have encountered previous year.” She also added that the workshop was the only platform where she could make a larger network and meet different women with different experiences at Zardozi.

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