Ms. Soryia opens her beauty parlor shop by Zardozi’s loan

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Ms. Soryia opens her beauty parlor shop by Zardozi’s loan

Zardozi is once again proud of introducing one of its successful and creative clients in Mazar-Sharif to our honored audiences. Here is Ms. Soryia, the lady who had experienced several traumas in her life but never gave up on any situation. Ms. Soryia is a Nidsf- Jahan member living in Kart-e- Wahdat district of Balkh province.

Soryia is known as a proactive and optimistic woman among her friends and relatives. Her family, especially her father had encouraged her to be independent and follow her career dreams. But unfortunately, there were always outside barriers mostly cultural and community restrictions which had created tight walls between Soryia and her dreams.

“Owning a big and well-decorated beauty parlor shop in our city is my dream, and I will always aggregate and utilize all my intellectual and financial properties to achieve it”. Said Soryia.

“Being surrounded by a lot of customers around me, sharing joys and laughter, gaining their satisfaction on my services, and hearing positive feedbacks make me feel happy and more willing to expand my business”. She added.

In the beginning, Soryia used to work from her home and receive customers in the home. Her customers were unhappy with the environment of her workplace as her parents allocated one of their rooms for her beauty works. It was uncomfortable for Soryia and her customers to do their make-ups or haircuts in the home. This matter caused Soryia to lose her customers day by day. She did not lose her hope and tried to find solutions, so she reached Zardozi’s business development advisors to help her overcome this challenge. After a few meetings with advisors, she agreed to establish her new shop in the city and cover the initial startup expenses by Zardozi’s loan.

Initially, she was reluctant to open a beauty parlor shop in the city where the area is mostly crowded by men passengers and there definitely would be a low possibility of sustaining a woman-owned business.

“I had my family standing by my side and strengthening my intention to follow my dreams. This is the reason how I could cope with the fear of the outside market and opened my shop with confidence. Now my family is proud of me taking the right decision”.

This is the first step she took towards her dream and she will have a long journey ahead to achieve all her dreams in the future. Zardozi is always with its clients in each step of their career life and it motivates Zardozi to continue its supports and services while seeing strong and independent women in the society who never give up.

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