Shewaki Women Found Access to Education Again

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Shewaki Women Found Access to Education Again

On 27th of June, 2019, Kadar (volunteer members) with support from Nisfe Jahan and Zardozi inaugurated the first literacy course in Shewaki district of Kabul. Living in the most conservative part of the city, Shewaki women desired to return back to school and sit in a classroom with their pens and books opened once again.

18 years old Aqila who left school when she was in 6th grade is hopeful to continue her love for education. She says, “Something wrong had happened with a school girl last year. After that, my father stopped me from going to school. He is a teacher and very open minded person, but he was scared that people will say bad things about us too.” But Aqila’s father allowed her to resume her studies at the literacy course, because he was regretful about his decision.

It is unfortunate that more women like Aqila had to quit their studies because the society deems education as a shame for grown up girls. “They tell us that education will do us no good once we marry and have kids,” Sheba said as we spoke about education for women. However, for many, the course will help them to read and write to enhance their businesses and become great mothers in raising good men and women.

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