Rabia’s Laundry Shop Business

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Rabia’s Laundry Shop Business

Rabia from Mazar-e-Sharif is a war widow. Being a single parent, Rabia takes care of her 15 years old daughter and 8 years old son alone. After her husband’s death, she realized how helpless she had become, because her husband was the only breadwinner in the family but now that he was gone, Rabia had to work outside and earn money. “I did not know how to complete my children’s necessities. I went through very hard days. Some nights we had to sleep without any food and other days the home owner would warn us to evacuate for missing out on due rents” said Rabia despondently.

Rabia had to do something about her situation. She neither wanted to remarry to end her dependency nor did she urge to beg on roads and streets. Therefore, when one day her aunt went to visit her, she told Rabia about Zardozi and its services. Rabia without finishing her cup of tea, impatiently left the house with her aunt and enrolled herself in business and marketing trainings of Zardozi. After learning about running a business, Rabia came up with the idea of starting a laundry shop business. Zardozi too liked her idea for the laundry business serves a growing need of people to outsource their cleaning tasks because of a lack of time to do it themselves. Soon Rabia took loan from Zardozi and rented a shop. With that loan she could buy good washing machines and other necessary materials for her shop.

Before Rabia opens her shop, Zardozi conducted a survey in the area to ensure Rabia’s laundry business run efficiently. As a result, many people showed interest and most of the houses could afford going to a laundry room.

After opening the laundry shop, Rabia started to receive orders from a nearby dormitory from which she charged 50 per dress. The customers were satisfied with the prices and cleaning services; therefore, they continually brought clothes to the laundry room. As Rabia’s customers and demand for washing their clothes increased, she realized she needed more machineries to get many orders done in less time; that is why she needed more loan from Zardozi.

“The business keeps me very busy but also happy, because I don’t have to rely on anyone for money. I can provide all the opportunities for my children which used to be prepared by their father.” Said Rabia. She further added, “What makes me proud is that my laundry shop services not only facilitate my life but the entire neighborhood is benefited by it.”

Rabia hopes to pay back her first loan in four months and then take second loan from Zardozi to purchase more machineries. Observing a rapid success in her business, Rabia says that, “beside the laundry shop, I also wish to have an ironing business since my customers also asks for it especially students in the dormitories.”

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