Our House-Producers Adding Spice to Fashion World

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Our House-Producers Adding Spice to Fashion World

They may know Afghans by the name of good fighters but looking deep into the country’s culture and heritage, beauty, and uniqueness define who we really are through the way we dress. Afghan handmade embroidery and designs are creating a place in people’s hearts across the globe.

In the midst of wars and the only image the world has known, uneducated Afghan women at homes and young educated women in cities are challenging the existing perception of the world about their country. They are promoting a sense of fashion that represents the magnificence of the Afghan culture and the colourfulness of its traditional clothing.

Our clothes’ designs ornamented with Afghan embroidery and Jewelleries are finding a place in international markets. This is all thanks to the creative nature of the Afghan women who have embedded their handmade embroidery into western and foreign clothing. The country is adding up more colours and ideas to the diversification in fashion.

This is where Zardozi’s women are also becoming small contributors to the fashion world. These house producers, majority of who have less or no education and have lost their sons and husbands to the war stitches to earn some money for their families. On the other side, with the help of Zardozi and its quality assurance check, their production riches and adds value to the Afghan clothing style as it gradually exposes to new markets.

Last month, on a journey to Almaty, Kazakhstan, Zardozi women’s products were displayed in Passage to Prosperity Central Asia: New Trade Horizons with Afghanistan Trade Show. “Afghan hand embroidery is well-known among neighbour and central Asian countries, but it was a different experience in Kazakhstan. It was new for the people. While most of them admired the texture, others found it expensive” concludes Yalda Azimi, Zardozi’s Market Development Manager.

For Zardozi family, it is a new experience to help Afghan women find way to international markets. Our program and marketing team is exploring new places to learn about new fashion, people’s preferences, affordability and culture around the world. Frozan who is one of our outspoken clients believes that this country offers so much more than war. “That’s what we are proving to the world while generating an income for our families,” she adds.

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