Kadars initiative to open literacy courses

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Kadars initiative to open literacy courses

Zardozi works closely with Afghan women to enable them play significant roles in the economy and leadership of Afghanistan as well as engage them in civic activities to build their communities shoulder by shoulder with men.

Today we have the Zardozi Kadars as the empowered women who play vital leadership roles in their societies and work closely with community members to meet their needs and demands.

The Kadars have recently coordinated a literacy course of two classes for the female category of Char Kala-e-Wazir Abad and two classes in another district called Qala-e-Khatir. This demand was initially made by the local women who started to seek for reading and writing skills. Since the Kadar has been active in connecting the people with government for infrastructure purposes, therefore most of the society members see Kadars as bridge between the locals and government for processing their demands.

The Kadars have managed to hire trainers and arrange learning materials through Afghanistan’s Literacy Department. These classes have been facilitated in a local house of the trainees in order to make a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for women who would otherwise not be allowed by their family members to attend literacy courses in other places than a family house.

Ms. Fatima, who has been working as volunteer member (Kadar) for 5 years with Zardozi talks about the importance of women empowerment through education. “Zardozi prospered my life when I had nothing. During these five years I have learned a lot from my trainers who also gave me the courage to work among a male dominated society. Today I am equipping tens of other women with the weapon of education that will lead to their social and economical independence.”

Who are Kadars?

Kadars are Zardozi’s volunteer members who perform as communication bridge between Zardozi and Nisfe-Jahan’s offices by getting involved in the implementation of Zardozi’s programs, services and activities in the four regions. Zardozi provide several capacity building trainings including business administration to the Kadars in order to prepare them to become the building blocks of their societies and help community members particularly women to engage in civic activities.

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