Najma takes her little beauty shop to the big city

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Najma takes her little beauty shop to the big city

Najma, a young and enterprising beautician from Yulmarab village, had started a small beauty shop based out of her house. She catered to her small, but dedicated clientele from around her neighbourhood and made enough to help support her family.

But Najma aspired for much more; she had bigger dreams for her beauty business. In 2015, she approached Zardozi to help her improve her skills. She attended Zardozi’s advance beauty training and not only learned new beauty arts, but also gained a better understanding of how to manage a business.

Armed with better knowledge, expertise and her dream, Najma took a risk and moved her shop into the big city. She partnered with another beautician, and together they opened their urban outlet on February 20, 2016 and named it ‘Chehra Ara’.

Najma worked really hard on marketing for her new shop. She printed promotion flyers and distributed them across the city, finding the right kind of target consumers. All of her efforts paid off; within a few weeks, Najma and her business partner already have a steady stream of new and happy clients.

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