Ms. Nargis – the wedding photographer

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Ms. Nargis – the wedding photographer

Zardozi’s successful client in Kabul is a talented and multi-skilled 22-years-old Nargis who is the only girl child at her home. Unlike the old parents, Nargis’s parents have always felt fortunate to have a daughter. Therefore, they have raised Nargis with much love and allowed her to complete her education and pursue a career of her interest.

Inspired by her mother who is Zardozi’s Kadar, Nargis became interested in joining Zardozi to learn tailoring. She came to Zardozi in 2015. Thereafter, Nargis excelled in her tailoring and business skills and supported her mother with maintaining the financial situation of the family. “My goal was not limited to tailoring only. Difficult economic circumstances led me to explore more skills so besides tailoring I also started a cooking course from my trainer at Zardozi. I also relied on some trainings outside Zardozi.” Being a fast learner, Nargis finished her 5-months cooking training and was soon able to cook Italian and Afghani food in an office affiliated to Italians.

Moving between different careers, Nargis’s mother says, “Nargis is very ambitious and loves change. I believe she will never become jobless, because she has worked in different fields which will enable her to switch jobs when necessary.”

Interestingly, Nargis has currently started a new business. Suggested by her friends, she learned photography and filming from a photo production company called “Pazhang” while also seeking help from Zardozi’s expert staff. Observing her enthusiasm, Nargis got hired by the same company as wedding photographer. “I earn 2,000 Afs for every wedding party that I photograph. I learn new things every day and make good connections and close ties with different families. I am planning to have my personal production company. While it is an interesting profession, it is not perceived respectable by many people,” says Nargis as disappointment covered her eyes.

But she ambitiously added that she wanted to change this trend and make it a female-dominated field, because according to her, women are more useful in this field since the bride opens up to a female photographer easily and not all Afghan families are comfortable with a male photographer to capture their private moments or to go inside a bride’s green room.

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