Matching women to products and to markets is key to successful business

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Matching women to products and to markets is key to successful business

Isolation and inexperience of the outside world means that a lack of understanding of what a successful business looks like is one of the key challenges that women face when starting a business. To overcome this, at the end of each business training course Zardozi trainers take their trainee businesswomen to visit production workshops and markets relating to the products in which the women are interested.

Karima is a case in point. Thanks to her new understanding of market opportunities, when she finished her business training and completed the tour of shops and markets, she was assisted to start working for a clothing retail shop doing beadwork and assembling ready-made garments instead of tailoring clothes for her neighbours as she used to do. Her income is now more than double what it was and she has learned some hard but vital lessons about the demands of the market. She works from home so that she can fulfil her responsibilities as a housewife and mother and sometimes, particularly when there are guests or when her father-in-law is ill, she isn’t able to complete her orders on time, and then she has to accept a lower payment rate from the shopkeeper

I think helping women to understand how the garments market works builds their capacity to compete with male tailors”  said Mrs. Dordana

To give trainees the best possible experience of understanding

the markets for various products Zardozi staff and activist women regularly visit production workshops and markets researching suitable venues for trainee visits and identifying the current challenges faced by businesses in each sector

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