Kubra’s business at the rough time of COVID 19

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Kubra’s business at the rough time of COVID 19

Meet Mrs. Kubra a senior and active client of zardozi, who has been beneficiary of zardozi programs for almost 12 years. Mrs. Kubra proudly has developed a business of handicrafts in Kabul province. It took her a lot of sincere efforts to establish and run her own business with great successes during the last 10 years. She has formally registered her handicraft business with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan. Hence, she could be addressed as an effective Afghan businesswoman in the market of handicraft and tailoring business. She has certainly an important role in providing employment opportunities for other Afghan women and in the improvement of public revenue by paying business return taxes.

Kubra like many other Afghan women has faced brute challenges in the early stages of her business, as she was suffering from lack of business management skills and weak communication and marketing strategies. Zardozi training programs had helped her to transform her business idea into a real business. Kubra had shown great talents and interests in networking and business communications, she had improved her leadership and business development skills through active participation in almost all training sessions held by Zardozi’s CBC in Kabul.

She is now running her business with excellent leadership skills as she is managing over 65 women in this business, she is helping other women to earn independently and improve their lives. One of the greatest points about Mrs. Kubra is that she always stays connected with the Zardozi marketing team since she could well utilize the business opportunities identified by the marketing team. During the COVID 19 lockdown period, she has got many orders of preparing facemasks for Finka Bank “the client linked through Zardozi marketing team “, gradually, due to high customer satisfaction the Number of orders extended for her facemasks during the last two months.

Kubra is extremely happy for being Zardozi’s beneficiary for a long period. She says “I am happy that I could save my business during COVID 19, and I am happier that my business helped other women to stay employed during this difficult time, I know it wasn’t possible if I never could reach out to Zardozi”. Along with Kubra, all zardozi staffs are happy with their efforts as their joint efforts are creating greater impacts on society.

She has gone through many hard times in her life, she is 50 years old lady who is the mother of 9 children, she passed 3 decades of her life witnessing Afghanistan’s civil wars, the war which has affected all aspects of people’s life such as family, education, economy, and health. Kubra as a strong mother has remained hopeful and active all the time of her life, she supported her husband and her children with a maximum of her skills and qualities. She has fought for her family’s survival while they were immigrated to Pakistan for over 5 years.

She regrets that due to poverty, her older children couldn’t go to school, but now she is hopeful for the future of her younger child as she is financially enough capable to support her younger child to go school and have a better future.

This is amazing to see Afghan women are interested and committed to development. They have brought great changes in their personal lives and the economy of the country. Afghan women have proved that they are creative and hopeful in all hard situations, so they deserve more supports and appreciation.

Best to all Afghan Women.

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