Kadars participated in the 5th Afghan Women International Symposium

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Kadars participated in the 5th Afghan Women International Symposium

The Afghan Women international symposium under the title of “Women as responsible citizens,” with the slogan of “Responsible Citizen, Dependable Government, and Thriving society” was held on 7-9th May. Among the guests were President Ashraf Ghani, First Lady Rula Ghani, State authorities along with 350 women from Kabul and provinces and international community members in the Presidential Palace. Afghan women symposiums, which were previously held in Washington DC, Oslo and Norway, are now organized inside Afghanistan where the voices of hundreds of women marginalized by war and oppression are heard.

Zardozi Kadars were also given the opportunity to be part of the conference and to join the panel discussions to discuss the importance of women’s role in building societies and to speak about the achievements they have gained as responsible citizens of their communities. The Kadars were acknowledged and warmly appreciated by the First Lady. She recognized the impact being made by these women coming together as a community, regardless of status or education level. A significant difference has been made by these women by cleaning the city, building schools, clinics and roads and providing drinking water to the people.

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