Kadar helped Sabira to attain her legal rights

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Kadar helped Sabira to attain her legal rights

It is very sad and disappointing to see ourselves in a state of loneliness while being surrounded by life-threatening problems. It is even more disappointing to not being able to receive supports or understanding.

Zardozi is proud of its kadars, the activity of kadars, and the honors Kadar brought in our society. Kadars activities and achievements are strongly appreciated by Zardozi, as their continuous efforts have changed the lives of many women across the four regions. Our Kadars voluntarily take the challenges and risks to create a positive impact on certain aspects of women’s life in Afghanistan. Our Kadars are a good example of women activists working for the rights of our clients/women in the communities. The Kadars work closely with Zardozi to firstly identify the challenge and problems the clients/ women faces, then shares the problem and try to solve it, secondly, if the expertise rather than what we have at Zardozi, then they are introducing those women to other partner organizations for supports. Such as if the clients need medical assistance they introduced them to the MoPH and their directorates in the regions, if she needs psychosocial and legal support they are introduced to Medica Afghanistan, and so on.

Our Kadars in Mazar-Sharif had brought joy and pride into our hearts. They supported one of our clients in her legal case.

Here is Sabira the young woman who lives in Mazar-Sharif with her parents. Sabira, has a lot to say about her life, the pain and sorrow she suffered are clearly seen in her eyes.

Sabira, was married to a man who used to insult her and always undermine her ability and values for being a woman, Sabira, despite all the frustration and insults from her husband and in-laws, was trying to save the marriage because it was difficult for her to stand alone against the entire in-law and then respond to the society she lives in.

The relationship was getting worse day by day to the extent that Sabira’s husband asked Sabira to leave the home without proper divorce, but unfortunately, the time had arrived and she ought to choose to save herself from further life loss. There was another serious problem that was drowning her into deep disappointment. Yes, her health issue. The tortures, disappointments, distress, and mental fatigue had affected her health as she found difficulties in her body movements. There was serious damage in her nervous system diagnosed by doctors.

Our Kadars started searching for organizations and individuals who could help Sabira in her legal case. Fortunately, after several efforts, Kadars could introduce Sabira to a woman lawyer from Medica Afghanistan, to provide supports to Sabira in her legal case. They all together helped Sabira to take her dowry back from her in-laws and receive the signed letter of divorce. Sabira traveled to Pakistan for her medical treatment as it was advised by her doctors. She covered all medical expenses by selling her dowry. Now she is fully recovered and healthy to start a new stage of her life.

Sabira is hopeful about her future and now she is interested to start her business, Zardozi is also here to support her in her new business.

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