Hear from Zardozi Program Director

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Hear from Zardozi Program Director

Zardozi’s most inspiring and young employee is 28 years old Hasina Aimaq Mohsen who comes with a strong background of dedicating her life to help women have their own voice and respect in family and community. Ms. Hasina joined Zardozi seven years ago. Today she serves as the Program Director of the organization. With six years of experience in leadership and management while doing her Master’s in Business Administration, Ms. Aimaq never thought of leaving her country women behind. She strongly believed in the potential of Afghan women and that with some investment in their skills and capacity, she could be a great contributor to her society in order to bring a positive change.

Ms. Hasina trusts that women are the key elements in developing the county and the society, therefore one of Hasina’s top priorities is to particularly work with uneducated women in building their confidence and to increase their involvement in economic empowerment programs in order to make their role visible and to make them able to take decision in family. That is one of the important reasons which bring Ms. Aimaq to Zardozi.

“Never underestimate your abilities and skills, you women are the ones who can bring positive changes in your community, and although there will always be obstacles, yet you should never give up because the door of hope is always open,” she advices women.

She adds, “Zardozi clients will be the most effective role models for all women who feel they can’t take part in developing the society because of their limited education.”

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