Hakima – supporting a step family

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Hakima – supporting a step family

Hakima is a woman who was facing many problems; her husband had been falsely accused of theft and was imprisoned which caused the family severe financial hardship.


Hakima was married at fifteen years of age. Her new husband’s first wife had died and Hakima became a Step Mother to two daughters. At the time of their marriage, Hakima’s husband was employed at a bakery and was making a good salary that covered all their household expenses.


By the time of Hakima’s husband being imprisoned, she had seven children to care for and no income of her own and without her husband’s salary, her financial future was looking bleak. She had limited skills in embroidery and beadwork but did not she know anywhere outside the area she lived to find employment as she had never left the area she resided in.


Hakima confided in her friend, Zainab, about her problems. Zainab told Hakima about Zardozi, which prompted Hakima to register with the organization. Hakima explains “After joining Zardozi and partaking in the training, I started working with 2 – 3 people and my work increased daily. Slowly, my financial situation improved and I could meet all the household expenses. My children were able to attend school and I also paid a 300,000 AFS bribe so that my husband was released from prison.” She added “I’m so glad to be a part of Zardozi, both myself and my husband are thankful to Zardozi for improving our lives.”

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