Zardozi Enterprise also manages a shop in Kabul which is called Ganjina (Treasure Chest). Five or six years after 9/11 there were a number of handcraft retail outlets trying to sell to foreigners and finding it difficult to attract sufficient customers. The main issue was and still is, the high cost of providing the kind of security that local expatriates require in order to visit any location. In 2007, the owners of Hadya Gallery and Zarif Design met with Zardozi Director and discussed establishing a central location where handcraft shops could share overheads and offer customers a more interesting shopping experience under one roof.

As a result, it was agreed that the Ganjina shop would be established by Zardozi and has been managed by Zardozi ever since. The Ganjina shopping location includes outlets for Zardozi plus 4 other handcraft companies and the products of another 12 smaller producers. Ganjina partners and producers range in size from Hajji Barat who hammers aluminium sheets into bowls and spoons in a tiny workshop, to Hadya Gallery and Zarif Design who are registered companies with other outlets apart from Ganjina. Partners in Ganjina pay rent according to the space they occupy and share the cost of overheads. Zardozi provides advice and support to the smaller partners such as supplying them with hang tags and advising them on quality and product development.

Ganjina is located in Shahre Naw, Street 3 off Butcher Street (next door to Bentoya Restaurant, Ganjina now provides inside parking for Bentoya). Ganjina also has an on line shop


Ganjina Partners

Zardozi Enterprise
Mansoor Khan, Team Leader
Naqib Afghanzai, Vendor
E mail:
Mobile:  +93 798 529 002
Zarif Design
Zolaykha Sherzad, Owner and Manager
Nasima Paiman, General Manager
Sami, Sales Executive
E mail:
Mobile: +93 700 236 119
Hadya Gallery
Farid Ahmad, Owner and Manager
E mail:
Mobile: +93 774 791 500
Facebook: Hadya Gallery Kabul, Afghanistan
Silk Road Bamiyan Handicrafts
Hiromi Yasui, founder and Director
E mail:
Mobile: +93 798 405 486
Shugufa Yousofzai Jewellery
Shugufa Yousofzai, Owner and Manager
E mail:
Mobile:  +93 789 489 564
Hasina Sherjan, Owner/Director
E mail:
Mobile:  +93 796 423 034
Madina Mariam (Jewellery)
Shaima Sadat, Owner and Manager
Mobile:  +93 700 948 430
Rameen Javed Co (Callighraphy)
Rameen Javed, Owner/Director
E mail:
Mobile:  +93 786 601 463
Naw Bahar (Candles)
Khadija Naseri, Owner
E mail:
Mobile: +93 700 078 786
Saleh Fine Silks
Saleh and Amena Mohd, Owners
E mail:
Mobile: +93 700 231 319
Istalif Pottery
Jawid Istalifi, Owner and Manager
E mail:
Mobile: +93 783 585 441
Turkmen Women’s Association
Dr Aysha Oyghon, Founder and Manager
E mail:
Mobile:  +93 789 453 061

Ganjina Trade Partners
Hajji Barat – hammered metal products
Kabul Metalworks – handmade brass products
Group of women in Dashte Barchi, Kabul – doll’s burkhas, crochet shawls
Agha Sharif Designs – hand painted metal signboards
Herati Cashmere Ltd – cashmere wool


How to get to Ganjina Showroom:

ganjina map






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