Frozan’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Led Her to Live a Better Life

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Frozan’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Led Her to Live a Better Life

Ms. Frozan comes from a small district of Mazara Sharif, Hajat Rawa. She has three children, and the eldest of all is 12 years old. Like many beneficiaries, Frozan took the opportunity and extracted the utmost advantage from Zardozi’s programs to earn as much she could in order to provide her children a standard education and a healthy lifestyle. Frozan’s friendly behavior and human connections enabled her to attract many customers and build connections with sellers and contractors.

Within one month, Frozan became the leader of her team at Manbeh and taught other women tailoring skills in the absence of Zardozi’s trainers. “Frozan became a good friend in less than an hour when I first saw her. Her tailoring skills are impressive,” said Habiba—a close friend of frozen at the Manbeh. Within 3 years, Frozan also started her personal tailoring workshop and bought necessary machinery by taking a loan from Zardozi. She hired six other women at the workshop who help her manage big contracts and complete public orders on time. “My first big contract was making 300 pairs of party dresses. The income derived was 300,000 AFS. I had never dreamt of earning this amount of money,” exclaimed Frozan.

Ms. Frozan’s husband, a shopkeeper, says that he is very proud of his wife and encourages her to further expand her business. Frozan proudly mentioned, “My husband supported me at times when people spoke ill of me while attending Manbeh. He trusted me and never stopped me even once.” Frozan’s children are now in one of Mazar-e-sharif’s best schools. Both she and her husband run the house smoothly without large financial difficulties.

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