From friends to business partner—Salima and Fawzia’s chicken shop supports their families

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From friends to business partner—Salima and Fawzia’s chicken shop supports their families

Salima and Fawzia met at Zardozi’s Sajadia Manbeh in Balkh province. They bonded with each other instantly and within no time they were best of friends.

Both are married happily and live financially relatively comfortable lives. Salima, 38, and her husband who recently graduated medical school, have four children. Her husband earns 20,000 Afs in a month. Fawzia,37, has five children. Her husband is in the police and earns 13,000 Afs. Salima and Fawzia both make a decent income as tailors to supplement the family income.

Salima started a poultry business about five years ago. After seeing her success, Fawzia too decided to set up a chicken business two years ago. She started with 50 chickens, but soon realised that she did not have enough space to raise chickens.

While discussing her chicken problems with her best friend, they both realised how it would be more profitable for them to merge their businesses. Salima had the space to expand the business, while Fawzia already had the 50 extra chickens.

The two friends didn’t need to think twice about going into business together. Soon, they purchased 600 more chicken at the rate of 25 Afs, and raised them for 45 days; selling them after at 100 Afs per kilo.

Currently, they have 45 chickens that produce eggs, and another 50 that they’re raising for meat. Their little chicken business has grown so much so that often their children and Fawzia’s mother-in-law have to help out. Their families are not only happy to support and contribute, but proud of their entrepreneurship.

Both friends share a dream of operating a large farm someday.

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