From being a small-time tailor, Rizagul now employs 26 women

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From being a small-time tailor, Rizagul now employs 26 women

Rizagul has known how sew and stitch for as long as she can remember. During hard times, it was this talent that helped her survive and support her family. And yet there was only so much she could do, earning just about enough to feed her family.

That was until she walked into the Zardozi office in November 2012. “I never thought of marketing my skills,” she admits. “I never considered trying new designs, because I didn’t realise there was a market for new and innovative clothes,” she add.

However, the days she spent at Zardozi business centre in Herat taught her just that. She gained key business skill and got the support she needed to be an entrepreneur. “Zardozi not only helped me with purchasing raw material, new design, and marketing, but also developing a business sense I didn’t know I had,” she says.

With loans from Zardozi, Rizagul was eventually able to establish her own tailoring workshop, multiplying her family income as well as creating jobs for women in her community. “My tailoring workshop has been doing so well, that my husband has shut his own business to help me with this,” she says with pride.

Rizagul employs 26 women from her village. “Each woman produces about 80 to 100 pieces of of clothes every months and earns over 3000 Afs,” she informs. Rizagul’s own income often crosses 25,000 Afs every month.

She has now expanded her business and sells clothes for women and children to other shops in the market as well. “I plan to further expand this business, buy better equipments and set up a shop in the city as well,” she shares.

Her regular visits to the business centre empowered her with the basic knowledge of running a business, but it was her hard work, determination and willpower that brought her the success she enjoys today.

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