Finding Market for Wool Spinners

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Finding Market for Wool Spinners

Recently, a high demand for wool spinning has been realized in the domestic markets. Zardozi surveys have found out that many women have shown interest in the wool spinning sector in Qala-i-Fatu of Kabul.

Ms. Masouma who has been tailoring for several months says “wool spinning is more fun plus it is always good to look for alternative ways of earning and this has turned out to be more profitable.”

Ten of Zardozi clients who have already began their work in this area have however found it difficult to have a wider access to national markets for their services. In a Manbeh meeting, Zardozi Kadars made their voice and request heard so that Kabul Main Office can help them find markets for their production.

The Kadars including Ms. Durdana who herself supplemented her income by spinning wool for three years, together with Zardozi market development officers met with Uddin Wardak Wool Washing and Carpet Weaving Company to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Uddin Wardak Company has been active in several provinces of Afghanistan where it has its branches mainly working with women. The company processes wool washing through machineries and distributes it to the wool spinners in Kabul and other provinces. Many women who cannot travel outside their homes are provided with transportation or are delivered wool to be washed in homes and collected back.

The owner of the company Mr. Mateen was delighted to meet with the women interested in this job and asked them to pay a close visit from the company after which they could start their work. The wool spinners from Naw-Abad Qala-i-Fatu also accepted the terms and conditions of the company to take orders. Following the agreement, Uddin Wardak Company delivered nine clients of Zardozi 60kg wool as a test for spinning.

Gul Chaman who has been spinning wool for months now says that her and her colleagues work impressed and satisfied the company’s needs. She is happy for getting employed as she will be now able to pay her tuition and studies fees.

Currently all nine of the clients work for the Uddin Wardak Wool Spinning Company while Zardozi’s Kabul Manbeh (Community Business Centre) has 21 more active clients working in this sector which generates a moderate amount of revenue for them and their families.


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