Zardozi’s loan is financially empowering women to start their own business

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Zardozi’s loan is financially empowering women to start their own business

Sometimes, it happens with the skillful and knowledgeable woman having great business concepts and ideas but not being financially able to start the business. It has been heard from many women over certain financial shortcomings, not only once, but also many times, their ideas remained just ideas. Due to backward financial status, they had not the opportunity to turn their ideas into a real business and consequently use their talents to develop that business.

Zardozi besides its business training services is also providing short term and medium-term loan facilities for women to start their business. Zardozi does not charge any type of interest on the loans provided for its clients. The loans are used to fill the investment gaps and to purchase required production or service materials for new businesses.

Zardozi’s Investment loan pressed the button on for Fatima’s business!

Fatima is a young independent woman newly established her business of photography in Mazar-Sharif. Earlier Fatima was working in the field of tailoring and embroidery, but she had the dream of running a photography business. Both tailoring and photography were her favorite professions to carry on, but she preferred to take the photography for further opportunity cost as she could earn more out of the photography business rather than tailoring. Fatima is an educated young woman with good entrepreneurship skills ready to meet new challenges to improve her business. Of course, she had passed the impassable ways en-route to her business goals. The capital shortage is one of the greatest challenges she had to meet to start her business up. She was lacking a great portion of the fund to purchase the necessary assets of her ideal business. She was potentially ready to start and manage her photography business as she had attended three months training class of photography and video recording plus passing one year working in a photography shop as a contract employee. But, there was a big challenge ahead; her financial resources were not adequate to complete the requirements of her business.

In such cases, Zardozi channelizes its available loan funds to support women to get access to the financial resources of their deficiency. Fortunately, Fatima was an active member of Nisf-Jahan from 2018 and Zardoz’s clients since 2016; hence, her membership eased her access to many opportunities which business startup loan is one of them. Fatima had purchased two professional cameras one for photography and another for video recording by the loan she got from Zardozi.

Zardozi supported Fatima in distributing her brochures in all nearby Community Business Centers, and also, referred a female assistant from Nisf-Jahan to assist her in the recording of the coming events and ceremonial parties. Currently, Fatima has hired three employees in her shop. She is dreaming to expand her business and create more employment opportunities for people.

“My heartiest thanks go to those who believed in me and encouraged me to start this business. There were a lot of changes that happened to my life which all of them gave me the strength and made me stronger to meet greater challenges and create greater results in return”. Fatima shared with Zardozi.

Now, Fatima is enough capable of running alone a family of four including her mother and her sister and brother. “It feels so satisfied seeing my family is not facing financial difficulties anymore”. Fatima’s expressions.

It is a great joy for all members of Zardozi’s team to see such great success and fulfillment in the life of the clients and their families.

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