Farida Creates More Jobs for Women

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Farida Creates More Jobs for Women

From a simple house-wife to leading more than 20 women today, Farida Soorabi is playing a great role as a good mother, a successful entrepreneur and an inspirational leader at her newly expanded tailoring workshop.

A few months ago when we wrote about Farida’s story, she told us that she was planning on expanding of her business. At the time, around 20 women were working for her.

But given the fine quality of her work, Farida received many clothes orders, from both inside and outside the country, which led her to open a bigger workshop, hire more women and buy more advanced equipment to decrease the burden of work as well as provide faster services to her customers.

Farida improved her business by securing loans from Zardozi on four occasions. This time she was able to use her savings and some support from her brother to rent a bigger place.  Farida has 30 female workers at the new tailoring workshop, 15of whom are clients of Zardozi. Each of them earns about 5,000 – 10,000 AFS doing work that ranges from stitching school uniforms to making Afghani embroidery dresses. Farida says, “I work closely with every woman to ensure they are effective at their work and have the skills to start their personal businesses. I want the best for other women so that they become self-reliant like me.”

Jamila, who works at Farida’s workshop, wisely shares, “We are very comfortable working with Ustad Farida. She inspires me a lot, because she is the first woman in our area who has her own tailoring workshop. This has always been men’s job.” Farida adds that some of the women came from other workshops to work with her, because they had felt harassed by some men. That is one of the many reasons why she is happy facilitating a place where young girls can earn income for themselves in a safe environment.

Farida plans to hire more female tailors as there is high demand for the Afghani clothes she produces. Since she has attracted some foreign customers, she is planning on opening a showroom for her products and creating social media pages, on which people in other provinces and outside the country can also see and purchase her products online.

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