Educated Mothers are Healthy & Wealthy

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Educated Mothers are Healthy & Wealthy

Zardozi training department evaluates every month to find out what does its clients need beside trainings related to business. We have realized that many of our clients’ struggle with even the basic level of self-respect and self-worth. They are unaware of their rights and how well they deserve to be treated. Therefore, to help women build up themselves, to be healthy which will lead to efficient economic achievement for women, Zardozi conducts different kinds of trainings that include Gender equality training, human and women rights, how to recognize and tackle problems, how to set goals and work toward achieving them, as well as how to advocate for their rights and needs.

This time Operation Mercy Afghanistan in partnership with Zardozi, provided health and midwifery trainings in order to educate women on how to give first aid before reaching hospital, and to prevent certain diseases during pregnancy that can otherwise harm both the child and mother.

There is a relation between health awareness and economic growth. This means the need for this training is essential because in Afghanistan many women give birth at homes  rather than going to the clinic which is either due to lack of hospitals in the remote areas or the strict traditions of Afghan society. Men who are the primary decision makers at home, do not allow their women to be treated at hospitals, because they don’t want their women to be seen by male doctors. Therefore, since women do not have the knowledge of facilitating home birth, it leads to dangers and to more disease for the pregnant women; As result, the family comes under much financial burdens and crises as they have to spend more and more on medicines and

treatments. Therefore, in order to decrease the health risk and economic disadvantages, health trainings are fundamental to the empowerment of women to help raise their family’s standard of living.

“Informed women are smart women. They don’t get sick quickly and are more productive in the society.” said Dordana, one of Zardozi’s client. Next to Dordana, another client and participant of the training voiced, “If a person is sick, she will not be able to serve the community and earn; instead she will be a burden on the family.”

26 women took oral tests and successfully graduated from the first midwifery and birth skills training session. Despite the fact that these women could not read and write, they had learned a lot through pictures and illustrations. The training had positively influenced the women as they told their stories about how they saved lives at the neighborhood and transferred what they had learned to other women.

Marzia after passing the oral exam said that, “The training was a great learning experience. Now I know how to keep my children healthy and how often I have to vaccinate them in order to reduce the risk of sicknesses and medical expenditures.”

The midwifery training instructors from Mercy Operation Afghanistan thanked Zardozi for allowing the training to take place in Nisef-e-Jahan and in helping women have access to health awareness programs. MOA also gifted several informative books to the women so that they can benefit from it at the absence of the trainings. Zardozi clients asked for more health education to raise the standards of their lives and to positively influence society.


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