ECM- Strategic Workshop

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ECM- Strategic Workshop

Every year Zardozi’s Kabul Main office holds a Strategic Workshop that includes Zardozi Regional Managers, Kadars and Executive Committee Members (ECMs) from the regions to gather on one platform to work on new plans for the betterment and development of their programs for Afghan women. The participants go through the process of identifying the organization’s immediate objectives: formulating and monitoring specific strategies to achieve them, while supporting many women in the upcoming years. In addition, a series of essential on-the-job training sessions such as human and women rights, leadership, management, budgeting and effective communication skills are also conducted by the professional trainers at the Zardozi Kabul Main Office. This time, the Strategic workshop was held from 20th to 25th January, during which the Kabul Main Office Program team, together with Kadars, ECMs and regional managers discussed important topics, including: maintaining Nisfe Jahan’s sustainability; strengthening Community Business Centers (Manbeh); managing Kadars contract with Zardozi; loan trainings; report writing; and discussing the problems which Kadars had encountered during the previous year.

The Zardozi team spent 5 days of workshops preparing for a productive year that was going to change many lives for the better. At the end of the intense workshops, Zardozi appreciated and celebrated successful Kadars and ECM’s, who are the mending the bridge between Zardozi and Nisfe Jahan in implementing its programs. Mr. Husain Ali Mohen, from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, who had also joined us at the event, acknowledged the organization’s services and praised the courage of the Kadars and ECMs, for stepping outside of their homes to tackle the economic problems facing Afghan women.

Ms. Nargis, who is a Kadar from the Jalalabad province, was pleased with the instructions and guidance from the Zardozi team. She said “this workshop is a great opportunity for Kadars to share their plans. We learn from each other and can easily find solutions to the problems we have encountered in previous years.” She also added that the workshop was the only platform where she could join a larger network and meet different women with different experiences at Zardozi.

Seeking to understand her responsibilities better, Ms. Hamida, who is the representative of Zardozi’s clients in Herat, said “we are not in a position to understand everything on our own, therefore we need guidance and this workshop is an empowering platform to learn about making effective decisions and to build our capacity to serve our Afghan sisters better.”


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