Zardozi Continues Its Activities as COVID-19 Cases Climbs in Afghanistan

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Zardozi Continues Its Activities as COVID-19 Cases Climbs in Afghanistan

As the coronavirus spread rapidly across the globe, social distancing and staying at home orders by the government came to effect immediately in Afghanistan as well. Businesses, schools, universities, and offices closed down while many started working from home.

The quarantine, although necessary, had its side effects on the country’s economy and people’s life. Zardozi also take the brunt of the shut down as its programs for 6,000 clients in 4 provinces ceased to implement.

Nonetheless, as the staff and clients sat back in their homes, the uncomfortable feeling of those families suffering from hunger and depression inflicted by the global pandemic had Zardozi to not sit quietly at home and virtually serve as many clients as it can.

Zardozi minimized its activities and drafted plans that are focused on helping women find a different source of income using their tailoring and farming skills. Zardozi established online platforms for women who had access to smartphones and the internet in their districts. So far, it has been successful at taking advantage of WhatsApp and IMO’s social media platforms where Zardozi is connected to a range of 35 to 116 women in each of the four provinces.

These social media platforms are used for spreading awareness about coronavirus, announcing work opportunities, providing psychological help and business advice and implementing various other plans during the quarantine.

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