Zardozi clients distributed free masks

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Zardozi clients distributed free masks

“I knew that we are living in the danger of a bad virus which does not have any cure yet, so I distributed free masks. I tried to have my small part of contribution to the community.”

Driven by strong sense of responsibility and care, Sabza, Malalai and Rohena are clients of Zardozi who works as service provider and Executive Committee Memebers of Zardozi’s Manbeh/CBC in far districts of Kabul.

The three women are also skilled tailors in their respective areas. Each of them in their own village came up with the idea of making clean masks out of leftover clothes. They used the clothes to make masks for the people who were suffering from hunger and also could not afford the high prices of pharmacies to protect themselves against coronavirus.

Malalai who has a tailoring production workshop of baby sets and dresses says, “The pharmacies are so cruel with their skyrocketing prices.”“I could not just stay home and do nothing while seeing all these people die. Therefore, I made 400 facemasks and distributed it among the labors with the help of my father.”

Similary, Sabza and Rohena, each made 100 and 350 masks from pieces of clothes that were left from other people’s dresses. They distributed the masks to their neighbors and street vendors in Project Khurasan of Kabul.

“I hear that the masks may not fully stop the virus, but people are helpless, they come out, they can’t die from hunger inside their houses either. The mask is just a hope that may decrease the spread of the virus, and we are doing what is in our capacity,” Sabza said.

In a country like Afghanistan, where a high majority of people live below the poverty line, the coronavirus crisis has hit the country with more devastation. Thus, such stories and acts of kindness gives us hope and encourage us to do what we can as individuals.


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