Zardozi Opens Community Business Center for Disabled Women

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Zardozi Opens Community Business Center for Disabled Women

While some people are born disabled, in Afghanistan, the unfortunate war has cursed many Afghan children and adults with a disability. Lack of adequate support centers and institutions is even more challenging. People hold different perceptions about their abilities, that’s why the disabled population goes through a lot of difficulties in moving around, finding good jobs and starting a family. Some of them become a burden and disappointment to their families.

To overcome this drastic increase in disability, in Herat, Abdul Ali Barakzai established a center for disabled men and women from small money. As he himself was suffering from spinal trauma because of which his body had lost sense below his neck, he started this sincere work to facilitate a platform for those who are differently-abled. His patience, wisdom, and ability to draw with teeth only made him a role-model that gave hope and courage to hundreds of other people with disabilities.

The center called Pir-e-Herat Charity Foundation equips different poor disabled people with artistic and employability skills such as painting, drawing, calligraphy, and playing different sports and musical instruments.

Entering the center, you will find people who thought they were no more capable of doing anything but today they write and draw incredible things with their feet, mouth, and arms cut in explosions.

Calling the kids in the center as his sons and daughters, Abdul Ali has capacitated many to show their talent in educational courses, exhibitions, international programs, and drama and theatre.

To provide a wide range of services to all the disadvantaged and marginalized parts of the society, Zardozi also reached out to the foundation to offer its services in tailoring and embroidery for disabled women. After establishing its Manbeh inside the foundation, Zardozi trainers also teach many other things based on students demand and urge for learning multiple skills.

Zardozi is impressed by the hard efforts and commitment of each individual who together run the foundation for enabling many more differently-abled populations. The organization’s firsthand experience with disabled women has helped us with understanding this particular category of people – putting us in prospect to facilitate more platforms for those whose abilities are undermined because of their differences.

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