Bushra- Kitchen spices mini-factory

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Bushra- Kitchen spices mini-factory

The economic empowerment of urban and rural women is a sign of progress for a country, which is why it is of great importance for Zardozi to introduce women to different business ideas. These women will later contribute to the economy of the country. Stung by poverty, women in rural areas are more vulnerable to violence. Our work with women in these areas is fundamental and most required. NGOs in Afghanistan have done skill trainings in many sectors, but Zardozi not only provides trainings but has found markets for the women to utilize their new found skills and help them move forward.

Bushra, 35 lives in Kaubl Hada village of Jalalabad province. In a village where even men are struggling for job opportunities, Bushra, with Zardozi’s help, learned how to tailor. She was then able to provide income for her children. As Bushra’s self-confidence and capacity grew, she wanted to try other different sectors of business. “Now that I was introduced to bazaar and saw how things work, I thought I could try something else starting from my kitchen,” Bushra said. With a loan from Zardozi, she opened the first Afghan kitchen spices run by women. She named her kitchen, ‘Eftikhar & Ilyas Masala’. Her mini-factory has also found jobs for five other women in the village.

Zardozi Jalalabad Regional Office provided valuable assistance to the Eftikhar and Ilyass kitchen spices mini-factory. They helped to build, market, and introduce Bushra and her co-workers to exhibitions where they were able to do marketing for their new Masalla products. Salima, who works in the factory, says that the exhibition was a good opportunity and the results were very good because after each exhibition they would receive many orders from the consumers.

Nasima, 22, who is another worker at Bushra’s factory showed satisfaction and appreciation to Zardozi.  “Previously we did not know anything about planning, packaging procedures, and customer relations. With Zardozi’s help, we overcame our problems and now we have our own income.”

Bushra thinks big and is more confident. “Our biggest goal is to get into a position that we sell our products in all of Afghanistan as well as export it to other countries. I want to make people realize that women can also run big businesses and own successful factories.”

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