Mrs Salima built a well and started a water supply business

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Mrs Salima built a well and started a water supply business

Salima brought water to her own family and her neighbors which not only solved their water problem but also initiated a sustained source of income for her family. She noticed that her neighbors were having difficulty accessing water, having to travel a considerable distance daily.  She decided to turn those difficulties into a business opportunity. She knew the water problem could be solved if she had enough money to dig a well for the people in her area, so she thought of the Zardozi loan.

Since Salima is one of our active clients in Mazar-e-Sharif and has a high credit Zardozi provided her with a large loan sufficient to cover most of the cost of digging a large well. When the well was dug, Salima laid in pipes to take the water to the surrounding houses.

Now her system supplies water to almost 70 families who are happy with the amount she is charging for the water as not only has it reduced the cost of carrying water to their homes but they now also have access to water in their homes at any time during the day.

Salima is paying back her loan and once this loan is repaid she plans to expand this business to more areas.

Salima says that she owes her success to her husband as he supported her idea and encouraged her to start this business. She also thanks Zardozi for supporting her in developing a start-up plan and providing her with a loan. “We all have good business ideas that could bring positive changes in our lives, but some of us never take the steps to actualize them because we may be afraid of loss or not receiving support,” Salima said. She believes that if women who have business ideas can put their fears aside and express their thoughts, they will already have taken the first step towards actualizing their dreams.

Salima is a middle-aged woman who is the mother of four children and lives with her family in Mazar-e-Sharif. Earlier before the starting water supply business, she used to do tailoring in her home and since that time, she had the dream of managing a big business that could be both profitable for her and beneficial for her society, so she thought that was the perfect time to start this business and follow her dream.

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