Best employee award

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Best employee award

Zardozi pays great tribute toward its hard-working employees without whom the organization would not be able to extend its services to poor Afghan women in the farthest villages across the country. On 10 January 2017, Zardozi celebrated and recognized Mr. Nariman Yousufi’s services and commitment to Zardozi as an Admin Accountant in Zardozi’s Mazar Regional Office. Mr. Nariman has been working with Zardozi for more than two years now, and has proved to be an excellent team player, hard worker and an efficient problem solver. He has not only limited his tasks to his scope of work only but has also helped and worked as a team with different departments’ employees.

Mr. Yousufi says that the organization is his second home and he will not turn away from whatever it takes to support the great cause and objective of Zardozi.

We admire and thank Nariman Yousufi and we wish him continuous success in his work and future endeavors. Zardozi is also grateful to all its dedicated employees who have been working for more than 10 years and continue to perform their social responsibilities while standing firm during the financial crisis of Zardozi – a time when the organization could not pay for some of its employees and had to terminate their employment. Zardozi is a strong family, flourishing every day.

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