Afghan Women Online Exhibition

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Afghan Women Online Exhibition

From the beginnings of Zardozi, physical exhibitions have been one of the effective ways in holding women’s micro businesses strong. These exhibitions have provided women with the opportunity to achieve their marketing objectives to find good suppliers and customers.

Now Zardozi has taken a newer step in developing women’s businesses as our clients’ businesses will run more efficiently in a technologically advanced environment.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs, in partnership with a private entity, has initiated the first Women Online Exhibition. This has enabled Zardozi to display many of its clients’ products online and expand the range of its visitors. “The online exhibition will open the door for attracting more people on international level which will also increase the value of Afghan handcrafts,” says Ms. Farida- Zardozi business trainer.

Although the women we work with have little or no knowledge about online exhibitions, Zardozi trainers facilitates information sessions for these women to have a larger access to alternative ways of doing business.

“The good thing about this exhibition is that now women who do not have permission to go out on daily basis or to attend our physical exhibitions, can have their products posted on this website. They will make easy money from home,” says Yalda Azimi- Zardozi’s Market Development Manager.

Zardozi Program Director, Ms. Hasina Aimaq emphasized the significance of online exhibitions, “This is a great platform for advertisement of the products as well. Many women who do not have the financial ability to promote their products, finds this to be the only chance to thrive.”

We acknowledge that the presence of women and her contribution to the economy of the country is vital.

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