Adila achieved the dream of having her own tailoring workshop

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Adila achieved the dream of having her own tailoring workshop

“When we are in the position of teaching others, we eventually realize our shortcomings and the points in which we lack the expertise that need more practice. I found this reality while I was teaching others how to sew and stitch. We learn more when we teach” Said Adila.

It has been 10 years that Mrs. Adila started tailoring and when she decided to start tailoring she never has thought that one day she would be in the place where she is now. Adila used to go to her neighbor’s house where all were professional tailors and she was just permitted to watch them working until she could pay the tuition fees and learn basics. After several months Adila learned basic skills but she wanted to learn a little more professional things because she felt she had more aptitude to become professional than what tailors were thinking of her.

The only missing thing was the money to pay the fee for advanced tailoring this appeared like a wall between her dream and her poor financial status.

One morning when she woke up she felt motivated it was like a voice in her head was encouraging her to go and talk to the tailors but at the same time, she could hear another voice telling her “no… this is not the way you go because you don’t have enough money and you are not brave enough to talk to the tailors” finally she decided to gather her courage and try to convince the tailors to accept the reduced fee that she was able to afford.

“It was early morning in winter that I run to a neighboring house. Everybody was shocked and said that I was looking totally different. I don’t know what the reason was but everyone including me could realize how motivated and courageous I became” said Adila. She described that memorable day by telling us what she could remember.

“I remembered a lady came to order a garment just the day before and after giving her size to the tailors she left, as it was almost evening so the tailors left the cloth away to sew it next day. When I entered their home I saw the cloth and without talking any words I started working on that. I could remember that I cut the cloth very nicely as all were praising me and clapping for the nice work I did.” Adila shared.

That day onwards tailors decided to teach her advance tailoring and from that day not only Adila was changed but also her trainers changed as they were impressed by her courage and efforts. When she became a professional tailor she was very keen to teach other interested women tailoring and help them to become professional ones, but lack of funds has pulled her back from her dream as she was not able to save enough money for opening a workshop. Since the year 2018 that Adila joined Zardozi she benefited not only from business development trainings but also she could take a loan. Finally, she managed to establish her workshop where now she can provide tailoring training courses.

She is now 40 years old living in Mazar-e- sharif and is the mother of 6 children, four young daughters, and two sons. More than 8 women are working along with her in the workshop, and she earns an average income of AFN 15000 in a month. She enjoys working as a trainer and teaching other women tailoring in her workshop.

“I thank Zardozi for supporting women in business” were Adila’s parting words.

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