Zardozi’s Achievements in Herat during Quarantine

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Zardozi’s Achievements in Herat during Quarantine

Herat turned out to have the most cases of COVID-19 in Afghanistan. According to the Aljazeera report, it became the hotbed for coronavirus cases as many Afghans returned from Iran, and safety measures were underestimated.

The organization identified that health tips and awareness about preventing the virus are the foremost essential thing since rural areas are the most susceptible to the virus.

Zardozi’s office in Herat was closed immediately after many deaths were

reported and the staff was instructed to work from home. Hence, while people got unemployed and helpless due to self-quarantine, Zardozi and Kadar came together to initiate plans that generated income for the poor families.

The organization identified that health tips and awareness about preventing the virus are the foremost essential thing since rural areas are the most susceptible to the virus.

As the majority of the people did not have electricity, or access to TV and internet, two teams from Zardozi decided to distribute Corona related information brochures and advertising posters that were easily understood by the uneducated population.

These brochures along with voice messages on loudspeakers on top of trucks were provided by Herat’s Department of Health to Zardozi, as a result of which 2995 people were given the posters in 18 districts of Herat.

During these times of lockdown, people’s biggest concern was suffering from joblessness and hunger at home. To tackle this issue, clients were given the idea of cultivating vegetables at their houses which is both healthy and economical. Zardozi sent online training through its IMO chatbox, gave the loan, and purchased seeds for clients who had land and the capacity to plant vegetables and sell them at a reasonable price in the market.

Meena who started growing vegetables in her backyard, says that this was an important initiative in the face of skyrocketing prices of food in the bazaar. She says if all families do the same, they will be able to slightly sustain themselves throughout this disaster.

At the same time, Zardozi clients also took preventative measures and used their tailoring skills to make masks and personal protective equipment kits that included gowns and gloves. They started their work by signing an MoU and contract of 15,000 masks and hundreds of gowns with the Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan (AADA).

The clients believe that making the PPT Kit has not only made an income for their families but it will also bring down the price of this equipment in the market if they sew many and sell them at a cost as low as 5 AFS per mask and 250-300 AFS per gown.

Zardozi’s Herat Regional Office Manager says that the pandemic affected many of their clients’ daily income but making the PPT kit was a good opportunity for 100 clients to earn some money for their children. She says that the client’s work has attracted more clinics and supermarkets as the office continuously strives to bring more contracts for clients and do marketing for their product which will come at a low cost for hospitals and people.



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