A plucky Kabuli Grandmother takes on three young thieves

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A plucky Kabuli Grandmother takes on three young thieves

Kubra, 52 years and a grandmother of two, is an activist trained by Zardozi. She has been working in many communities in Kabul. Recently she showed her courage not only by recovering stolen goods from three thieves but she also used her skills to talk one of the young men into giving up his life of petty crime.

A city of crimes

Kabul has become a city of crime and a dangerous place. Kubra was walking through her community in District 13 with her friend Halima and a small group of women when 3 young men snatched Halima’s bag. The women were terrified and shocked into immobility, worried that the bag snatchers might be carrying guns and knives. But Kubra was undaunted and sprang into action.
When the women looked up, they were shocked to see Kubra running after the young men shouting “Give it back, give that bag back”

The young man with the bag looked over his shoulder, saw Kubra still running after them and dropped the bag in the street; then all three disappeared into the crowd

Kubra finds the thieves

Kubra returned the bag to its owner but she could not give up there. She has been tackling difficult issues in communities for some years now so she started looking for the bag snatchers. She talked to local shopkeepers and people on the street until she had some information. She then arranged a community meeting for the next day

to ask for help in finding the thieves’ parents.
“I felt so sad about the thieves”, said Kubra. “They were so young, 20 or 22 years. Maybe they just need someone to show them the right path. If I could talk to them, I might be able to change their minds.”

Her efforts paid off and she found the parents of one of the boys. Naturally they were ashamed and wanted to punish the boy but she asked them not to. Instead, she convinced them that they should reason with him and support him to earn an honest living using the talents God had given him.

She talked to the boy and encouraged him to start working in a shop or as a mechanic and to save his small earnings to start his own business. She talked about the blessings that a lawful sustenance would bring into his life if he abandoned a life of crime.

“I can’t understand where I got the courage to run after those thieves and I wonder why I decided to talk to them,” said Kubra, “but maybe it is all because of the confidence I found in my own skills after Zardozi started working with me and helped me become a more effective community activist. This has helped me find the courage to lead change in my community.”

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