45 women and men benefit from working in Farida’s tailoring workshop

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45 women and men benefit from working in Farida’s tailoring workshop

Leading is a difficult task no matter what you lead a community or a business it always requires you to be proactive and caring.”  Said Mrs. Farida Sarabi.

Mrs. Farida is an active entrepreneur who has created many employment opportunities for both women and men in Mazar-e-Sharif city by establishing a tailoring workshop. Both female and male employees in that workshop have a common characteristic in that they are the only breadwinner of their family. Mrs. Farida has hired them and trained them to be professional tailors so that they can earn enough money to support their families and even improve their lives. Near 70% of her employees are female and they earn monthly AFN 10,000 to 15,000.

Farida recently opened a new workshop in Kabul and hired more employees to work on contracts with garments retailers. Mrs. Farida considers

leadership and management skills as key to success and she has been an eager student of the leadership and business training sessions she has attended. She encourages all the women studying with her to be determined about their business goals and to make use of all the opportunities provided to them for their empowerment.

“I was lucky to find Zardozi to support me in all aspects of my business. Zardozi not only strengthens women’s skills but also helps us to finance our requirements.” Farida said as she has bought some equipment for her workshop using Zardozi microfinance support.

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