Zardozi Enterprise was originally the DACAAR (Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees) Sewing Centre which was established in 1984 to assist some of the millions who poured across the border from Afghanistan into refugee camps in Pakistan. The Sewing Centre provided skills training and a fair wage to thousands of women in these camps for many years but in 2005, DACAAR recognised that the Sewing Centre would benefit from a more professional business approach and therefore transferred it to Zardozi. Within Zardozi, the DACAAR Sewing Centre production unit which continues in Pakistan working with around 600 women in the refugee camps, together with the retail outlet in Kabul, is known as Zardozi Enterprise. The retail outlet in Kabul is known as Ganjina.

Zardozi is registered in the United Kingdom as Zardozi Enterprise (UK) limited, company No: 9310063 incorporated under the companies Act 2006 as of the 13th November 2014. Zardozi will use 100% of the profits from Zardozi Enterprise will be dedicated to supporting Afghan female Artisan’s and Micro Entrepreneurs.